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In the Beginning

A Musical Journey

Tyler is a producer, composer, and mix engineer at Killingsworth Recording Company in Los Angeles and owner/operator of Tyco Sound, a full-service production company with clients from around the globe. He has produced numerous records in a wide range of genres and has had dozens of TV placements with companies such as Vice, WWE, Microsoft, ESPN, and more.

A graduate of the esteemed music program at the University of Southern California, Tyler has self-produced three records under Yukkon and Attic Empire and has worked with and produced for numerous artists, including The Blah, Blah, Blahs, Stylo Beddoe, Chuxx Morris, Torrey Mercer, Urban Cowboy, Gallo, Wayfarers, Donna Adja, and many more.

He is currently signed to Safari Riot under the moniker Vinyl Motel, in which he writes songs for television.

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